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Evergreen Nebulisers

picture of Omron MicroAir U22 nebuliser  


As we grow we are finding that we are getting requests to loan/provide equipment to fellow ‘Lary’s’. We are most certainly out to help our fellow sufferers but our main goal is to help laryngectomy sufferers through the provision of the vital equipment requested by ENT departments nationwide.

     However, we have decided that, for a nominal fee, we can help our fellow Lary’s who go travelling as we will be purchasing various bits & pieces of equipment essential to ‘lary travel’; ie, holidays/short breaks etc.

     For instance we now have purchased a lightweight, portable nebuliser (battery operated & pocket sized) for travelling purposes ( as recommended by our friends at NALC. we plan to hire this ideal travelling companion out at a nominal fee (£1 per day plus p&p) to any Lary’s whom it may benefit (you provide 2 x AA batteries) so that the charity still benefits and so do the recipients.

     Therefore, quite simply if you want to borrow the pocket nebuliser for a 10 day holiday then you need to apply for a 14 day loan (allowing postage time) and include £3.95 for p&p. As these items are in the region of between £80.00 – £100.00 it free’s you from the worry of laying out a hefty investment just to make your holiday hassle & stress free. Simply return the goods upon your return.

(please note that all monies go directly back into the charity funds)

more later…

Omron Microair U22 Portable nebuliser

Omron MicroAir Pocket Nebuliser NEU-22This little beauty is ideal for travelling anywhere as it runs quite happily on a pair of  AA Batteries and if used twice per day for approximately half an hour per session, will last 7-8 days. No need to worry about finding plug sockets, simply keep a spare pair of AA batteries handy!

An additional major benefit of the U22 is its discreet, virtually silent operation which is perfect in the early hours, or for those trips to the cinema, theatre and shops. In fact, we have a couple of members that can quite easily talk on the telephone whilt the “U 22″ is actually running, that’s how quiet & discreet it really is!


If you would like to hire this item for a holiday please contact us at and we will get it in the post asap. Don’t forget, we only charge a nominal £1 per day + £2.95p p&p – all you need to do is to return the item to us as soon as you return from your holiday. Simples.



7 day loan = £7 + £3.95p&p = £10.95

8-14 day loan = £14 + £3.95p&p = £17.95 (Cheques payable to “20-20 Voice” Cancer Appeal please), 37, Windley Road, Leicester. LE2 6QX