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Hall of Fame

Smartie Tube them all-the little blighters!

Welcome to our Hall of Fame page where all supporters that completed our Smartie Saver fundraiser will be added – and hopefully a running total kept of each supporters running total.Don’t forget that once you have reached the top of your tubs with 20p pieces count out £10’s worth, bag them and pay them into our NatWest account:

“20-20 Voice” Cancer. Sort Code: 54-21-50. Account No: 30253136

which will leave you with approximately £2 in 20p’s to start your next tube-fill. Remember to email/message me to let me know that you have paid in your 20p’s so that I can keep tabs on what is occurring out there in supporter-land!

     Will you be first or will someone else beat you to the topspot? Remember that back in late September, J Sainsbury’s (Oadby) kindly donated 100 tubes of smarties and 53 of these were set out for our diners on that night – I have heard whispers that the first of many (I hope) are about to ‘come in’.

     As we are also soon to be releasing our “Info/Fundraising pack” we will be adding whoever raises funds for us to a hopefully growing list of supporter/donors.

1….. Mary V £10.00

2….. Tina J £10.00

2….. Mr & Mrs ‘H’£20.00

3….. Hayley H £10.00

4….. Claire C £10.00

5….. Chrissie M.I £10.00

6….. Zack H £10.00

7….. Lisa C £10.00

8….. Kim H £10.00

9….. Jenny W £10.00

10… Amanda P £10.00

11… Sibbs M £10.00

12… Helen F £10.00

13… Ryad C £10.00

14… John J N £10.00

15… Ian & Claire £20.00