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     Sometimes we get donations that are made ‘in memory’ of loved ones. Quite often these come via the Funeral Directors as the donations are made in leiu of flowers at funerals. We are truly touched and grateful to receive these donations at what must be a very difficult time for all concerned.

     We also receive donations from those thinking of the loved one’s they lost on a certain date and you can be assured that we are very grateful as all our donations are put toward helping those with throat cancers.

Whether the donation will be made directly from the family and individuals or via the Funeral Director, you can specifiy a message that we will happily add to our “Absent Friends” page on the website. We can also add a picture of your loved one if you would like us to.

     When sending in your donation please include a short letter explaining who the donation is in memory of etc…

If you also include your name and address, we can send you an acknowledgement letter to confirm that we have received the donation and that it has been put into the fund you required.

Please make cheques payable to:

“20-20 Voice” Cancer,

37, Windley Road,