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Karl Storz

     Karl Storz, based in Slough are the leading suppliers of medical equipment to the hospitals of this country. They provide the most delicate of medical necessities to the leviathons of technology we see in our hospitals.

      As we are dealing with head & neck cancers we need to concern ourselves with “scopes” – scopes of all varieties. Thanks to brilliantly innovative technology Karl Storz have now produced an interchangeable “flexible video nasolaryngoscope“, which although not the most pleasant of experiences, is certainly not the most unpleasant and is, in reality, worth its weight in gold to possible head & neck cancer patients! Inserted in a nostril the scope gently explores the back of the throat before going deeper toward the larynx. A crystal clear, full colour image is then beamed onto a 30″TV screen where ENT specialists can explore your affected parts without having to cut you open, take biopsies or enact any other time consuming & unpleasant medical procedure.

MEDIA 17900 HNO Highlight Video Bronchoscope for Autofluorescence Diagnostics Image 02

   (A simplyfied, portable flexible video nasolaryngoscope)

     The obvious benefits of this are that this new camera technology will obviate the need for biopsies or exploratory surgery in most cases. It will also give ENT cancer specialists the opportunity to assess any cell damage or discolourations, from which they can work out what is going on deep inside.

     Think of the enormous benefits to patients in time saved re diagnosis, virtually an immediate diagnosis thus a far speedier treatment plan. Less patient stress = happiness all round.

     For the overworked ENT cancer departments, and because these ‘flexible friends’ are now interchangeable, it means that consultants can deal with 3 times the number of patients in a day, if they have three of these flexible video nasolaryngoscopes to hand. You may wonder why three? The answer is simple. The cleansing process per ‘flexi’ is approximately 30 minutes therefore there will always be one being used, one being cleaned and one waiting to be used, hence a continual cycle of usage. Cleaning?-30 minutes! They have to be 100% spotless, hygenically spotless before they can be inserted into another body-but that really goes without saying.

     The downside (and there always has to be one unfortunately) is the cost – somewhat prohibitive I’m afraid as these ‘wigglies‘ work out at around £15,000 each-and then there is a repair ‘insurance’ that goes with them at £5,000. The repairs process is a long, delicate & expensive process!

However, you can be assured that we at “20-20 Voice” Cancer Appeal will be working our socks off to ensure that Leicester Royal Infirmary will be the first to benefit from our efforts (as they deal with throat cancer patients from all over the East Midlands), but then we will widen the net and try to help other hospitals in other regions.

     Our friends at Karl Storz are fully behind our drive to help head & neck cancer sufferers and we are looking forward to an informative article from our friend Mr Ben Pattinson, who is Head of the ENTAA Division.

But now, at least we know what we are up against folks, so let’s keep raising valuable funds because one day, just one day, we ARE going to save someone’s voice for them!