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     SpiroTectTM is a leading provider of innovative Laryngectomy products which have been designed using our extensive knowledge and experience in this particular field. Check out their extensive website here folks.

     We listen to patients’ needs and also follow the advice and guidance of professionals to develop our often life improving products.

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Our innovative product range includes adhesive baseplates to suit different preferences, a variety of heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) with unique antibacterial coating to help reduce the potential of infections, hands-free valves that enable a Laryngectomee to breathe through the valve and speak freely without using a finger to control the airflow, tubes and tube holders, cleaning swabs, shower protector and baseplate adhesive remover and barrier wipes.

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Our products are available nation–wide and on prescription.

For more information visit our website Info@SpiroTect.com or contact 0844 800 2236

Alternatively, should you have any questions and prefer to write, the team will always be happy to hear from you at:


Independence House,
30, Northern Court,
Vernon Road,

Tel: 0115 975 7254
Fax: 0115 975 7236

Website: www.independenceproducts.co.uk