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Doris Musill’s


(a unique wellness hotel)

     Now we all know the heartache & frustration caused by the one diagnosis that we deon’t want to hear so here’s a superb new option for all cancer sufferers – a get away break that caters for ALL your needs and even possible needs! I have been contacted by Doris as she obviously sees a way forward to fight the despair and hopelessness of being diagnosed with any of the 200+ different cancers, for as shwe says in her brochure:

“We have created a place where you can take a break from the diagnosis & therapy”

You might have a few questions (I did) so here’s what Doris told me:

Q)… Do holidymakers fly into Salzburg?

Yes, they do. Bad Mitterndorf is 90 km, away from Salzburg. It takes you a bit more than one hour to come to our place.We have a special arrangement with http://www.edelweisstours.at/. 

Q)… Does the food include an English menu as well as Austrian?

We have found smaller meals and more frequently works well for those who have lost their appetite and taste. Fresh preparation is an important focus for us. We believe good food at the right time adds significantly to the quality of your vacation. So we cook what our guests prefer. English, Austrian, vegan, whatever 😉

Q)…Is the hotel full board or half board

We offer both

Q)… Are their plenty of trips/days out available?


Q)… Should their a medical problem are any holidaymakers assured of rapid medical attention?

     In our village there are 2 doctors with a lot of experience. Within 15 min you are in the hospital (Bad Aussee) http://www.lkh-rottenmann.at/ and also we do have an ambulant palliative care team.
I hope I could give you an idea about “Hotel Lebensfreude” and the area where it is (beautiful location) and be assured tyhat we look after all our guests with extreme care & attention.

Website: www.hotel-lebensfreude.at

You can contact Doris by email: doris@hotel-lebensfreude.at

By telephone: +43 3623 211 01

     By post: Doris Musill,

                     LEBENSFREUDE HOTEL,

                     8983 Bad Mitterndorf 283,


     Fancy a break where you get unlimited scenery, where you have expert care on hand, menu’s to suit every palate and most of all a hotel where ‘the boss’ is a certified nurse! Why not give Doris a ring and see what you can arrange for a few days – there are plenty of cheap flights to Salzburg and from many British airports too!