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An alphabetical list of ideas

Please remember that whatever fundraising activity you undertake to raise money for “20-20 Voice” Cancer, the charity cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injury caused through or by that activity. All we ask is that you take all sensible precautions and enjoy yourselves – and don’t forget that all those people that have lost their voice because of this horrific form of cancer will have the chance to be able to speak again! Ask yourself one simple question…..

…..just what would YOU do without YOUR voice?

AAfternoon tea – Are you ready to debate how to pronounce the word scone? Then why not host an afternoon tea, whether you do it at work home or a local venue we are a nation of tea drinkers and so we are sure your event will prove popular. Get the cake stand at the ready, the biscuits plated and the invites out there. Naturally we have a simple poster for your use in advertising your “Afternoon Tea” sessions….. Download our Afternoon Teas pdf.    Generic Poster.pdf

Aerobics-athon – Why not get fit by organising an aerobics-(athon)? Get your family and friends involved too – it’s great to fundraise together!  Generic Poster pdf

 Auction / Auction of promises – If you  have a rather well stocked collection of books, ornaments, records, in fact no matter what it may be, and you are willing to let go  for a good cause an auction could be the fundraising activity for you.  A few well positioned posters in your local town will soon bring interested parties along to your event! You will find many Working Men’s Clubs & Pubs clamouring for business so you have every opportunity of grabbing a great venue for your auction. Generic Poster. pdf

    B…  Bake SaleEmulate ‘Little Evie’ and bake your way to fundraising success. Whether you run the event at work, school or your home, be sure to have a great selection ready: give yourself the chance to maximise sales! Can “20-20 Voice” Cancer help you with Cake Sale poster? Download our Cake and Bake pdf   Generic Poster.pdf

  Bag packing day – at local supermarkets. Many local supermarkets let charities come in and pack bags, allowing you to ask their customers for donations. Why not pop in and find out if your local supermarket will support you on your quest! If they will then simply register with us as a supporter and we will provide you with collection tubs so that your grateful shoppers can donate. if you want to do this but your local store needs confirmation then please get in touch with us immediately and we will write to them:  admin@2020cancerappeal.org

Baked Bean/Tinned Tomatoes walk – Can you lay out a short walk which comprises of either cold baked beans or cold, chopped tinned tomatoes? Ideal for a Fete or school funday and you can easily charge £2 per  ‘walk’ just for the “dare factor” – make sure you have a hose pipe nearby for rinsing of squelchy feet’! Generic Poster. pdf

      Bingo – If the phrase two little ducks brings a smile to your face then Bingo could be the activity for you!  Our advice: keep it fun and adapt the game for your audience. If they are celebrity obsessed why not use photographs of famous people instead of numbers or perhaps your friends are foodies… food bingo anyone? Generic Poster. pdf

      Beard Shaving – Whilst you may love your furry face, what about your friends and family? Would the idea of shaving your beard off have them reaching into their pockets in the name of “20-20 Voice” Cancer? I suppose that you could ask your ‘beardie’ to dye it too (before the big shave) as a way to raise extra funds….. but I fear that might not be received too well  . Need a poster to advertise the ‘big shave’ & get more sponsors? Download our Beard Shave pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

 Bike rides – Can you organise a fundraising bike ride in your community or simply take part in an organised ride? We have three organised rides in Leicester each year and you can join in any/all of them if you wish. There are lots of organised bike rides nationwide so let us know your area and we will try and source all available bike rides where you are! Posters & Sponsorship forms are always at the ready. Generic Poster. pdf

C…  Car Boot sales – can you collect all the unwantable and hold a car boot sale in your area? Always remember folks, one man’s rubbish is another man’s GOLD! There are car boots all over the country so why not book yourself into one near you and see just how much you can raise? Advertise your efforts beforehand, everywhere you can think of before the day. On the day, make sure your stall is well advertised as a charity stall. Generic Poster. pdf

Coffee mornings – Most people rely on a coffee to get them through the day (I know I do!) so hosting a coffee morning is  great way to fundraise on your lunch break, or a saturday morning. and gathering donations is made easier when your offering something people wanted anyway. Why not ask what sandwiches every one likes and make them a dinner time ‘pack-up’ for a couple of quid? On a saturday morning simply lay out the cakes & coffee pot – ‘they will come’!And, if you’re looking to host inside of the workplace, why not ask all workmates to donate an extra 20p every time they have a coffee-it soon mounts up you know Poster? Download our Coffee Mornings. pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

     Collections Tubs: can you host a “20-20 Voice” Cancer Collection Tub in your office or place of work. Can you place any of our tubs anywhere else? Speak to us and become an agent/representative for “20-20 Voice” Cancer? Download our Collection Tubs pdf

  Colour coded days – This is another great event for the work place!  Why not have a day where you have to wear a certain colour? As you are well aware, our “20-20 Voice” Cancer theme is blue (pantone actually) so a “Blue day”  would be a great start! And then there is Red, Green, Brown etc etc…! Generic Poster. pdf

D…  Dinner Party – An event which can be hosted all year round, on its own or in support of other events a dinner party can be adapted to appeal to most people. The top tip:  pick a theme. You could focus around the origins of the food you serve or go theme first, food second and serve dishes from your favourite film. Keep in mind the timing of your event, if your hosting in January why not throw a healthy food dinner party to appeal to all those trying to kick bad habits in the new year.

      Dances / Disco – You don’t need access to a ballroom and moves for strictly to host a dance (but if you do that’s great) you just need space and music to move to. Will you host your dance at home or will your hire a local venue? Again, your local pub/club may well be able to help you out, after all, it brings more business in for them. Mention that you are fundraising for “20-20 Voice” Cancer and perhaps they will even host one of our Collection Tubs on the bar: you never know! We’ve helped lots of supporters raise funds this way so if a disco is how you want to raise money get in touch and let us help you fundraise too. 
Download our Disco Nights pdf   Generic Poster. pdf

      Darts competitions – Set your sights on bulls-eye and keep the game serious charging an entry fee to raise funds.  If you are or know of a local darts champion why not charge a fee to play against them? Set up a charity Darts night in your local pub/club ensuring that the winner gets (say) 4 ‘free pints of beer. Determine your own entry fees per ‘tournament’, it’ll draw plenty of would be ‘Eric Bristows’ in I assure you! Download our Darts pdf    Generic Poster. pdf

Dog Walking – can you walk someone’s dogs everyday to raise money for those that are unable to speak? Just think….. they might turn up on your doorstep one day to rather croakily thank you for your kindness. Some voice is always better than NO voice and we do everything we can to help cancer sufferers to regain some form of voice. Generic Poster. pdf

E…  Eating competition – Is there a “Cool Hand Luke” out there? How many hard boiled eggs could you eat? How about crackers without water? How about a pancake-day fest? When it comes to food there are lots of challenges to be set, you don’t need to think too long to come up with yet another intriguing way of raising money through food . You can raise money with entry fees or tie an eating competition into a larger event. Top tip: breaking records could help you gain press coverage and increase your fundraising (FYI the record eating a raw onion is 89 seconds-but of course you need to know just how big/small that onion was!) [Guiness Book of Records might help you]   Generic Poster. pdf

      Easter Egg Hunt The only constraint here is time – we find eggs are hard to find in December so start planning next Easters hunt and buy the eggs nearer the time. We can help you out with a poster if you need us admin@2020cancerappeal.org Generic Poster. pdf


      Easter party/Any party – With school holiday and a long bank holiday weekend Easter is a great time to fundraise. You’ll have more time to plan the activity and people are more likely to have the time to support you.  There are lots of low cost ways to raise money at an Easter party… from the more obvious Easter egg hunt to a Easter bunny hop race (floppy ears/feet at the ready?). Posters: admin@2020cancerappeal.org    Generic Poster. pdf

F…  Face painting competition – Not got the time or resource to organise your own Fete or street party then why not get involved in one which is already taking place and offer your services as a face painter, most events will be happy to have you & your charity onboard. Many schools will be delighted to have the charity aspect working with them. Simply ask them to e mail us: admin@2020cancerappeal.org     Generic Poster. pdf

      Football match / Five a side football – Even if you don’t score, this is one match that guarantees you’ll make a difference in 90 minutes. If you’ve got smaller numbers why not opt for a game of five-a-side: 30 minutes? Why not try and utilise a school playing field and create a mini tournament with an entry fee per player – trophy’s/medals are not expensive these days! Why not let spectators donate too – ask them to take part in a penalty shoot-out at the end of the match? “20-20 Voice” Cancer can help with posters & advertising ideas. admin@2020cancerappeal.org Download our Football 5 a-side pdf     Generic Poster pdf

      Fancy dress days – Fancy dress isn’t just for Halloween, it’s a great way to raise money. If you’re the boss why not have every one come into work in fancy-dress and pay a small donation for the day or if you are a dab hand on a sewing machine why not make up your own costumes to raise money? Top Tip: Why not let your colleagues cast votes on the costume you have to wear for the day, they pay a fee to vote which goes towards vital equipment (and, of course, embarrassing you). Need posters/ideas? admin@2020cancerappeal.org     Generic Poster. pdf

G…  Games Night – You don’t have to be a  monopoly board master or play scrabble like Carol Vorderman to a host a games night. You just need games, a place and people. It can be as simple as charades or if you have a screen and console to hand why not go down the gaming route, charging friends to play. Tight on time?  Put on a lunchtime session at your office, for the price of a coffee your colleagues pay to play. Generic Poster. pdf

  The Dancing WuMasters Gig Nights: are you part of a local band or group of musicians that could spare an afternoon or evening to raise funds for our charity? Can you entertain the local community with your music? Then why not drop us a line and tell us what you fancy doing, and where you fancy doing it,  to raise funds for “20-20 Voice” Cancer – after all, you have the voices we don’t!     admin@2020cancerappeal.org     Generic Poster. pdf

      Girls Night In – Get the girls round and gang up on Head & Neck cancer. It’s simple, just invite your friends round and ask them to donate the amount they would usually spend on a night out towards our life saving diagnostic equipment. View our free Girls Night In pack for more information.     Generic Poster pdf

      Give it up! – We all have bad habits, some worse than others (we are looking at you finger/toenail chewers) but if you have a habit you want to kick why not do it whilst fundraising for vital equipment for those without voice? If your habit is costly why not donate the money you save or if your habit causes more frustration to others than yourself why not have people sponsor you? Why not have a ‘1-month’ sponsored diet? We can provide you with a sponsorship sheet to get friends & relatives involved, just send us some details and we’ll get to work on it. Posters??? No problem! Download our Give it up pdf     Generic Poster.pdf

 Guess the number of… Why not get a giant plastic tub and fill it with a variety of sweets etc and then hold a “Guess the number” competition in your local hospital or local marketplace – guaranteed to create a great deal of interest. (Just don’t forget to count the sweets [or whatever you put in the container] as you put them in. We will help with posters & numbered charts etc, simply email us at: admin@2020cancerappeal.org     Generic Poster. pdf

H…  Head Shave Ever popular fundraising activity is the good old head shave! I applaud every single one of you brave-hearts  for I know only too well what suddenly being bald is all about and It’s a brave way to not only raise money for people that have lost their voice-box but raise greater awareness of Head & Neck cancers. Make sure your bold move gets the recognition it deserves, why not offer people the chance to bid to shave your head, advertise the event locally and get as many brave souls involved as you can. Why not get 3 willing gents and have a “Good, Bad the Ugly” Head Shave? 3 gents = 3 x’s the sponsorship for your favoured charity “20-20 Voice” Cancer! Or, you could go slightly bigger and aim for the “magnificent 7”! The bigger the event the bigger the ‘prize’! Ladies….. you can join in too! Can we help at all?admin@2020cancerappeal.org Download our Head Shave pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

      Halloween Party – Great night to dust off the BBQ and get those burgers flaming nicely and the only thing better suited to fancy dress than a fancy dress party  is Halloween so get your invites out and charge guests an entry fee to spend the night apple bobbing to Thriller – cannot fault that idea folks!     Generic Poster. pdf

      Hogmanay – (Especially for our friends north of the border   ). If you can’t make it to Scotland this year why not bring Scotland to you and throw your very own Hogmanay party. It’s never too late or too cold for a BBQ (under cover of course). Friends can donate the cost they would usually spend on venue entry (and no long queues for the ‘wee room’). Can’t tempt your friends from the streets of Edinburgh/Glasgow? Why not focus your fundraising on the pre-event of Hogmanay and prepare a traditional Hogmanay meal for friends before the celebrations. Go on, you know you can do it!     Generic Poster. pdf

I…  International evening / International Day – (Quiz based idea) Whether you’ve travelled the world or just love a particular culture, an international theme is a great way to get people excited about raising money. Ask your local Pub/Club if they would host such an evening? Choose your country/countries (or go ‘around the world’) and charge people an entry fee. Have a think about dress codes, food and music. Entertainment such as quizzes can be a great way to raise extra funds at the event. Fancy a poster and/or set of questions to get you started?: admin@2020cancerappeal.org     Generic Poster. pdf

           It’s a Knockout – The ultimate school sports day for adults, fun is a big incentive for people to get involved here but we’d also recommend reaching out to looking businesses to donate a prize to help a good cause (and if your event gains press interest they will also get exposure). You’ll may need materials so if you, or somebody you know works in a school or local sports centre reach out to them, and if you don’t have one perhaps ask a neighbour if they have a hosepipe you could use.    Generic Poster. pdf

           Irish Night / Day – It doesn’t have to be St Patricks day to celebrate the Irish culture, whether you’ve got Irish blood or just love the music you’re sure to have fun and an Irish focus opens up an array of activities. You can hire a space and throw a party and if you have the skills why not charge people for Irish dance lessons and donate the fee?     Generic Poster. pdf

    instagivInstagive! you can always donate a modest £4 by texting VOICE to our donation line 70444

J…   Jewellery collection, Jewellery making/selling – If you have high value pieces your looking to donate an auction could be the best route for you, if your skill set lies in making why not put on a ‘make-your-own‘ craft session. You can tie this in with any fundraising Fete’s or Rummage sales or even Auction events.     Generic Poster. pdf

      Jazz – Use Jazz music as the centre of your fundraising. You could put on an evening of entertainment and charge for entry or if you’re a jazz musician yourself you could share your talent and provide music lessons for donations.     Generic Poster. pdf

     James Bond – The Bond films are iconic and so finding fans shouldn’t be hard and a ‘JB’ quiz night should be easy to arrange!….. but, a James Bond night can offer a lot more than movie watching, get ready to make a lot of drinks but not too many Martinis!

K… Karaoke night – Time to stretch the vocal cords and get ready for a night of karaoke, love it or hate it this fundraiser has proven it’s a great way to raise money. Just think about it folks, you will be fundraising via the one medium we are all working so hard for – to provide VOICE for those who have suffered a great loss courtesy of cancer. If you’re on the lookout for a karaoke machine reach out to friends on social media to save money on renting one. Ask your local pub if they will hold a karaoke night on behalf of the charity with a donation of only £1 per song from each singer. It will not only boost the charity coffers but also boost the bar takings too and that should make for a happy licensee! Need help with a poster?     Generic Poster. pdf

     Knitting – British weather means that knitwear is often in demand so use your needle skills to raise money. You don’t have to be a “Shreddies Nana” to join in either. Decide how you want to sell your unique items, you could use online auction sites, set-up a stall or speak to your local “20-20 Voice” Cancer agent/rep. Want to raise more awareness of your fundraising? Set-up a Facebook page, or for more publicity put a few posters out & about to try and get a ‘knitting circle’ going.     Generic Poster. pdf

L… Ladies Night / Day – Throw a ladies day (or evening) and get your female friends together. The first challenge will be getting a date in the diary so if this is the event for you start to ask people now about their availability so you can pick a date that works for the majority. Once you’ve got the date, start to think about entertainment. You could have cocktails and canapés or a Mad Hatters tea party. You know your guests so choose what makes them tick.     Generic Poster. pdf

      Luncheon / Lunch – You don’t have to be a lady to lunch, men can ‘lunch’ too. if your office has a habit of ordering food on a Friday why not cook up your own treats? You’ll save your colleagues time from buying lunch which will give them even longer to enjoy their food.     Generic Poster. pdf

M… Marathon events – Before you skip this and go to the next idea, just have a little read and a think. A marathon doesn’t have to mean running or walking extreme distances. In the past, supporters have raised money with marathon DJ sets, roller skating, card playing etc. Decide if you want an activity that will take you 26.2 miles, minutes or hours. You can sub divide if you want into 26 x 10/20/30 minute sessions –it all adds up to that magical 26 number!

     Matched Giving – Whether you are raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer/sponsor/local business about matched giving. Lots of our fundraisers have the amount they raise matched by their employer/sponsor/local business so don’t be afraid to ask. If you never ask you simply never get!

MILE of coins – Can you find a safe location where you can start a massive fundraiser off? I remember seeing this done along a church wall in Leigh-on-Sea many, many years ago and you would surprised to know just how many people added their contributions. To keep the coins steady you need them 3-deep, then the next row 3-deep and covering half of each of the piles beneath. The stacks only go 3 rows high but it is amazing just how many coins are there at the finish! Of course, to make it a ‘mile of coins’ you need to work out how many rows (width) you need to create & the distance of each row….. have fun folks!     Generic Poster. pdf

Magic of Motown Tickets Motown Night – Can you organise or get your landlord/ladies help in organising a fabulous MMN (Motown Musical Night)? I’ll gurantee that you fill the place as let the message be ‘out there’ that one night of all that fabulous music is going to be available to all & sundry. But, beware of one thing folks – know your venue capacity as I’m exceedingly confident that ticket sales will soon reach capacity levels! Any help needed just contact us at admin@2020cancerappeal.org and we will do whatever we can from here to ensure your night is a success. Download our Motown Night pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

     Music and mulled wine evening – Pop, rock, or Jazz regardless of genre if fundraising through music appeals to you it’s time to start thinking about your event. Will you be performing or looking for local acts to support you?  Do you know of a local band that would pitch in and hold a gig for you? You could keep it simple with a Saturday busking session, but if you’re thinking bigger start to look at venues (or start being extra nice to friends with big gardens). There could be support available in your local community, see our page on local fundraising groups.     Generic Poster. pdf

N… No Make-Up Selfie / Natural Week – Want to take it one step further, why not go natural for a full day, week or (dare I suggest it?) a whole month?     Generic Poster. pdf

     Name the – Name the laryngectomy teddy, laryngectomy bunny or laryngectomy  dog. Whatever it is you choose, tap into people’s competitive nature with a simple guessing game. Charge per entry and the winner takes home poor lary bear/bunny/dog. We have posters & name charts for this too and can show you how to set up your own ‘name game’: all we need to know is whether your cuddly lary is male or female:  admin@2020cancerappeal.org for details. Download our Lary Bear pdf    Generic Poster. pdf

     New Year’s Eve dance/party – Avoid a night of queuing and host your own New Years Eve party. Similar to Hogmanay you get to control the music and the guest list and can charge cheaper than local pub for entry and donate the fee. It’s simply win/win folks.     Generic Poster. pdf

O…  Office Collection Day / Office Fundraising – Short of time but eager to make a difference? Then fundraising in the office could be the right activity for you.  Fundraising activities for the office could  include; Cake Bake Sales,  the simple Football Card goes well, dress down day or perhaps take breakfast/lunch orders and set-up your own tea/food trolley: a morning coffee could make for workers happy to sponsor you. Introduce a “20-20 Voice” Cancer Collection Tub for any donations etc (just register with us and we can soon send you a couple: contact us: admin@2020cancerappeal.org )     Generic Poster. pdf

     Open Garden / Day – Have a “20-20 Voice” Cancer day If your garden is in full bloom or you have a house with a colourful history. Why not open your doors for an entry fee and host an open house. With the kitchen close by it will be easy to offer teas & coffees to raise extra funds and it will also be a great way to introduce the neighbours to “20-20 Voice” Cancer! A multi-prize raffle & ‘tom’bola should also go well here.     Generic Poster. pdf

P…  Pamper Day – It’s likely your friends are already spending money on pampering (the UK beauty industry is worth £17 billion per annum) so why not plan a day that offers the break people need and leaves them feeling good in more ways than one. Are you a trained beautician, masseuse, hairdresser? “20-20 Voice” Cancer need your skills. If pampering is more of a hobby, whilst we’d suggest staying away from offering haircuts, why not have your friends over for a night-in? You could even make-your own beauty products which will help keep guests entertained and expenditure low.     Generic Poster. pdf

     Pancake race / Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – Ideal day for a  ‘pig out on pancakes’ competition-how many could you eat?. Shrove Tuesday or pancake-day, we don’t mind what you call it as long as you flip & eat for “20-20 Voice” Cancer.      Generic Poster. pdf

Poker Nights – Why not get a few of your mates round for a night of poker playing? Better still, could your pub set up a poker tournament with say a £5 entry fee and the winner receiving a Trophy or a gallon of beer perhaps?      Generic Poster. pdf

Q… Quiz night – The pub, local club,  village hall, local sports centre and your best mate’s garden are all venues suitable for hosting a quiz. Decide what is right (and available) to you and get working on those question. Will the focus change by rounds or will your quiz be more channelled, with all questions specific to a particular band, film or book? You host the night and guests pay to play. Simple… but the questions might not be. Don’t forget that “20-20 Voice” Cancer can provide you with poster’s  to advertise your night & a full set of questions on multiple topics. Simply contact: admin@2020cancerappeal.org Give us the details and we can provide posters for you too! Download our Quiz nights pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

     Quaintly British Day of Celebrating – Bunting, Bangers, Tea and Scones are just a few things that spring to mind, perhaps for you it is afternoon tea, marmite & jam, maybe a Sunday Roast and veg, possibly a good old English breakfast? Put on a celebration of all things Quaintly British. You can charge entry and raise funds with tombola’s and bake sales & also run a raffle if you so choose!     Generic Poster. pdf

R… Raffle – A “20-20 Voice” Cancer raffle is great to have at a fundraising event or as part of your fundraising for a wider event you just charge a fee for tickets and the winner gets a prize, this could also work as a stand-alone fundraising activity. Just be aware of offering unwanted gifts as prizes, your friends may recognise them! However, be heartened by the fact that local businesses will often donate a worthy item for you to raffle off as a ‘major’ prize. Download our Works Raffle pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

     Running – Build your own team of ’trainer trotters’ (training wearing heroes & heroines) and fundraise by running! No organised event yet?  Just you and your trainer trotting ideas so far?  Simply get in touch with us (admin@2020cancerappeal.org) and we will help you organise your running event. Download our Running to raise pdf    Generic Poster. pdf

Rock ‘n’ Roll nights: Has your local pub/club got the room for a bit of jiving (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3U4mFO2xxs) ? We’ve found that quite a few pubs with a reasonable area have turned one night per month into a fantastic ‘golden oldies’ night with ‘RnR’ and by jingo, ‘you wanna see some of them move‘!  It’s a great night for a raffle and also to let even more people know who we are, what we are doing & why we are doing it. Need a poster to advertise your RnR night, then simply get in touch with us asap: admin@2020cancerappeal.org and we’ll help you all we can Download our Rock n Roll nights PDF    Generic Poster. pdf

S… Sweepstakes – Want a way to fundraise fast, a sweepstake could be the perfect way for you to raise money. You have one question for example, ‘How many sweets in the jar?’ and people pay to be given an answer. Whoever has the winning answer gets a prize and you donate the money raised.  We have a “20-20 Voice” Cancer sweepstake format to make this extra easy (just let us know the event well in advance please): try your local hospital or pub/club. It’s very simple to create a board with squares for people to place their guesses/names.     Generic Poster. pdf  .

     ???Skydiving – some of our supporters are super brave. Despite the obvious fear factor, skydives are one of the most popular fundraising activities so join our dedicated fundraisers, get in touch and start organising your skydive today. This is NOT a cheap option but with the right marketing it can create an awful lot of interest & revenue – which is exactly what you want to do!

     Sponsored Silence –  Ever pleaded with your child  to shut up for 5 minutes???  If you’re a chatter box who finds being silent rather a challenge then perhaps you could raise funds with a “sponsored silence”. As many of our fellow laryngectomees know only too well ‘silence is not so golden’ when forced upon you! Just remember, you probably have a voice so don’t be quiet about the cause ( “20-20 Voice” Cancer  ) or your fundraising before & after the event! This is great one to get the kids involved in-and simply sponsor your own child to remain silent for the longest. Need a sponsorship sheet to record the length of the great silence? Download our Silence pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

     Smartie Tubes: whatever you do folks never forget our flagship fundraiser, the good old reliable Smartie      Tubes. You know how this works by now folks as you simply get a group of you together (office mob is ideal) send in for your smarties & instructions. You then eat the smarties and refill the empty tube with 20p pieces (or even £1 coins if you like  ) – SIMPLES ! Download our Smartie Saver pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

T… Tea Party – A good cuppa can change your mood, we drink it when we are sad, we drink it when we are happy and today why not drink it to help those with no voice regain that all important first word. Download our Tea/Coffee mornings pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

     Tug-of-War – we know that together we can provide those with throat cancer the diagnostic equipment to get to the problem sooner than is the norm, but will you help us keep the momentum going? Let’s pull together and buy the equipment that is badly needed.

20p pieces – how many can YOU save up for “20-20 Voice” Cancer? Can YOU be a Smartie Tubes saver? Download our Smartie Saver pdf    Generic Poster. pdf

U… University Challenges Why not meet up and speak with your local University students, I’m fairly sure that they will be happy to help you organise some pretty good fundraising events – particularly in RAG Week.     Generic Poster. pdf

     Uniform free day – Uniform free day. This is a great way to get raise funds at school or let everyone relax a little with a dress down dress code. Swapping your usual uniform for fancy dress could help you raise even more money.     Generic Poster. pdf

V…  Valentines Day – Lots of single friends and a penchant for matchmaking? Then get  organise a singles event from speed-dating to organising a full blown valentines ball the best part of this is that even if you don’t get a love match you know that people can go home happy knowing they have supported such an important cause as “20-20 Voice” Cancer . Don’t have the resource (or friends willing) for a singles event, which not bake some love themed goodies for the office. Or why not throw the alternative Valentines Day event, whether its fitness or food make the theme ‘what you love’ and ask for donations from friends who attend.     Generic Poster. pdf

     Vintage – Got enough vintage shirts, old toy cars, cigarette cards, books etc to set up your own stall? Got an eye for finding furniture gems online and at local car boots (?) then why not organise your own ‘vintage sale’ and donate proceeds to “20-20 Voice” Cancer. If you don’t have enough to organise your own stall why not organise a vintage clothes swap, people pay a small fee for entry and you raise funds on the day with activities such as ‘cake n bake’ sales, perhaps sell lemonade/tea/coffee to keep people refreshed while they swap!     Generic Poster. pdf

W…  Walk – Where and how far will you walk to fight cancer? Some walked over 89 miles to cover the Isle of Man boroughs, some have walked Hadrians Wall, some walked 5k whilst others did it blindfolded  but they all did it with the same aim, to help give a voice back to a cancer sufferer sooner. So whether you head to your shopping centre in your clodhoppers or trainers or make your way from John O’Groats – Lands End, walk with purpose and become a very important “20-20 Voice” Cancer fundraiser today. Download our Walking-Ramblers pdf     Generic Poster. pdf

          Wax It It’s a classic fundraising technique that provides an interesting insight into how much your friends are willing to pay to hear you shout ‘Ouch’.  A packet of wax strips (and maybe some aloe-vera) is all you need to raise money with a wax off.     Generic Poster. pdf

         Wear It – People like to laugh, so give them an incentive to sponsor you by letting them nominate what crazy clobber you can wear for an hour or a day even!     Generic Poster. pdf

Wolf Run – Is there a ‘Wolf Run‘ anywhere near you? If so could you organise a big party of you to take on the challenge and raise vital funds for Head & Neck cancer sufferers?  Leicestershire & Warwickshirehost Wolf Runs throughout the year but beware as you need to book-up early, for both venues attract a monstrous amount of competitors. We can soon create a poster for you and you can also advertise via our generic poster –> Wolf Run Poster pdfGeneric Poster. pdf … Don’t forget folks, the more you get involved the more funds & sponsorship you can get! You might get a bit muddy but there is always a welcoming bar on site!

X…  X-Factor Competition – Fundraising is all about doing what you can to make a difference, so if you can hit the high notes like Mariah Carey or the low notes, Lee Marvin style, then an X-Factor style competition could be right for you. If you’re not the singer in the group stick to hosting and if you can’t get find the talent to compete why not host a night to watch the show. You can put a sweepstake on the show, from who’ll be the first to go to how many times the phrase “I didn’t like it, I loved it” gets used. The prize can be a percentage of the money raised or a non-monetary prize of your choosing (Trophy)

Y…  Yoga marathon – Know your tree pose from your downward dog? Lots of fundraisers use skills they already have to successfully raise money so if you are a self-confessed Yogi why not run a not-for profit class, your pupils will not only have invested in their own health but also have the added satisfaction that they have made a difference to other people’s wellbeing too.     Generic Poster. pdf

     Year to Remember What was the most memorable year of your life? Why not make it this year, and for all the right reasons-Believe in Yourself!. What could you do for a year to make a difference? Doing something every day for 365 days is the ultimate dedication and a sure way to encourage people to sponsor you. But, what to do? How about walking dogs every day for a year and donating the money you make? Or how about giving something up for a whole year? How about simply saving 1 x 20p coin every single day for a year? Remember those Smartie Tubes !!!

 Z…  Zumba – They Zumba’d with the girls, whilst others Zumba’d with the boys. Some simply Zumba’d together! Others did it in water, some on ice & some in a field. Some did it wearing pink, some yellow & some in polka dots (!) but one thing stayed the same… they all Zumba’d their way to fitness & vital fundraising for “20-20 Voice” Cancer.  Ready to get fitter & feel the rhythm? Then get in touch and tell us how you would Zumba for “20-20 Voice” Cancer. Don’t forget folks, we can provide information & sponsorship sheets for virtually any event you care to put on . Need a poster? xxxxxxx     Generic Poster. pdf


Please note that we also provide a Generic poster (Generic PDF) & sponsorship sheet (Sponsorship PDF) which has the blank boxes for you to fill in with all your relevent details. You can either ‘dress the poster’ to suit your needs on your computer, or, simply print off and stick your required designs on manually before simply photo-copying to the desired number of copies.*****

If ever in doubt or need help then simply e-mail us at:

admin @2020cancerappeal.org