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“20-20 Voice” Cancer need your support and now that you have looked through our website and got this far let us show you some simple ways whereby you can help this charity return a voice to those who have lost the powers of vocal communication through cancer. Always think of this:-

“What would YOU do if YOU lost YOUR voice”?

To help those who need to regain speech…..

Could you afford to donate a mere £2 per month?

     Could you maybe afford to donate  £5 per month?

          Could you afford to possibly donate  £10 per month?

     Could you afford to possibly donate  £20 per month?

Could you afford to donate perhaps £25 per month?

Whatever you can afford, all you need to do is to instruct your bank to pay:

                                                                   “20-20 Voice” Cancer,

                                                                     Sort Code: 54-21-50

                                                                     Acc No: 30253136

     So far we have raised the funds fto purchase the latest Video-Flexi-Rhinolaryngoscope AND the Biopsy Grabber which works alongside the ‘FVR’ and takes minute samples of ‘clouded/suspect’ tissue for immediate analyses. We can only do this with your continued support.

Did you know that throat cancers have rocketed by 600% in the past decade?
Did you also know that throat cancer sufferers are becoming younger & younger?
Did you also know that smoking is NOT the main cause of throat cancers?
Did you also know that it is expected, by the year 2020, nigh on 50% of people will suffer from some form of cancer?

Did you know that through our fundraising we are providing the latest diagnostic equipment which gives our consultants the fantastic opportunities of espying the very beginnings of any growths/tumours deep inside our throats? Because of that simple fact we have been assured that we have brought throat cancer diagnostics FORWARD by as much as 15 (fifteen) months. This gives us the satisfaction of knowing that treatment can begin much, much earlier and we now know that we are working toward the day when a ‘voice’ will NOT be surgically removed – how fantastic is that I ask?

Now then… how can you help?

If you are based in the Leicester area there are three major events each year that you will find easy to support!

a)… April time sees the “Great Western” bike ride which starts & finishes at the Western Pub on Western Rd (just off Narborough Rd). A gentle ride around parts of the Leicestershire countryside it is an ideal springtime ride to blow those winter cobwebs away. It’s never a race and the company is always good, especially as Kieran (mein host) provides suasage cobs & fresh orange juice pre-ride! We can soon provide you with all details & sponsorship sheets.
b)… Fashion Show (June time) is the opportunity to  ‘dress it & flaunt it’ as we have teamed up with our friends at the De Montfort University fashion & design section. The 2015 show was absolutely top dollar and the 2016 show will be even better. Watch our website & newsletter for further details please.                            c)… Our now famous Chef & Spice night speaks for itself! The restauranteur (Mr Syed Rahman) has taken us to heart and has now very kindly included our charity on his ‘table cards’ so that every single diner can see that we are a proper charity (Reg No: 1156733). At £15 per head, Syed donates 60% (£9) back to our charity for each diner that attends-what a fantastically generous offer! The food (50 different dishes!) is brilliant, the ambience magical, the waiter service second to none and a fully stocked bar just ‘tops it off’ a treat. it is also a great way to meet friends both new & old – why not give it a try?
All upcoming events are listed on our website and we have a more detailed listing on our yearly calendar page, so don’t forget to check in and keep abreast of what is happening at “20-20 Voice”.

You will find it a simple task to join our Hall of Fame too! 

For a full list of our ABC of fundraising events simply click here: