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10th November: 2014…..

     What a pleasant day today has been as Tina & I nipped into the LRI at the behest of our speech therapist (Sarah Harris) to meet a special little girl by the name of Evie Tuckwell. Evie’s grandad is a lary and after considering the plight of such people Evie decided to do something about helping future lary’s out a bit as she had been told about our work and what we aim to do.

Evie with both cheques

Evie with both cheques (Evie’s cheque in her left hand)

     A baking she did go, and more baking, and even more baking before offering up her wares for sale to raise money for “20-20 Voice” Cancer. In fact, Evie did so much baking that she raised £160.00 – a phenomenal amount, especially when you consider that Evie is only 101/2 years old! Yesterday Evie presented me with a cheque for the £160.00 so we took some photo’s of Evie with the ‘Rhino’ cheque but also with Evie holding her own cheque. We presented her with a special certificate and also an “Honorary Membership” for “20-20 Voice” Cancer for such a splendid effort-and all on her own too!

Evie's special certificate

Evie’s special certificate

It was just one of those magical moments where the heart melts at the goodness of others. Long live kind hearted people like young Evie Tuckwell




     31st October: 2014…..

     Well what a day today has turned out to be folks as we were invited over to Hinckley where a company, for whom a very good friend works, were holding their annual ‘Open Charity Day‘ -the theme being to dress like a music superstar of your year of birth: we were greeted by Roy Orbison, so it was ‘over’ before it even started!

Not really. Our good friend Rob Willson had decided that the “Big O” was for him and he kindly let us into their rather superb offices. It was like walking onto a multiyear stage of Top of the Pops.

Geo 2    

     Rob kindly introduced both myself &     Tina and spoke a little about the sad loss of  his wife Helen and hinted at what we are trying to do within “20-20 Voice” Cancer.

     Yes, I gave a little speech (medium to little actually) explaining to them what it is like to know that you have survived cancer but cannot now communicate verbally. I explained how technology had come on by leaps & bounds over the past 3 years and also presented ‘Tracy’ (MD no less), with a framed copy of the Mercury article (now on our website/Facebook).

     It was interesting to watch people’s reactions because for most of them, I’m sure, they were witnessing a man with no voice actually talking to them! OK, it’s “Dalek speak” but it is almost clear communication thus they could all hear me. Of course I thanked them all profusely for their wonderful efforts and hinted that should they like to adopt “20-20 Voice” we would be more than delighted to accept etc.

     Tracy (our MD) then stepped in to explain that the girls had been plotting & planning nefarious fundraising schemes for a few weeks and it transpired that poor old ‘Jimi Hendricks‘ (aka Stuart) was to be “tarred & feathered” – after being ‘bucketed’ with ice cold water. If ever a man should have come dressed as a singing mermaid folks….. well, this was the ocassion I can tell you!


The "Geo" torture chamber!

The “Geo” torture chamber!

Modern day "Tar & Feather"

Modern day “Tar & Feather”


     Tracy (MD) then went on to inform the good lady and I that throughout the various events, the company (Geosynthetics) had raised just over £1,700 for our cause – I was dumbstruck as (although forewarned by Rob) I had not envisaged such a sum to be raised. I was silenced as I began to ‘rev-up’ to thank everyone but a wink from Tracy and a nod from Chris (company owner) suddenly brought forth the announcement that “and the boss is going to double whatever our final figure is!”

Melissa & Rachel

Melissa & Rachel

     Now there are few occasions when my ‘gast is flabbered‘ but this truly was one of them I can tell you! The words of appreciation just tumbled out, I know not where from but I do know they made such sense to these lovely people who had dedicated their time, their efforts & their money to help our cause. It is thanks to wonderful people such as these that we know that WE WILL save someone’s voice-box/larynx one day soon.

     We have met with some absolutely lovely people today and

Top of the Pops "Geo style!

Top of the Pops “Geo style!

I am sure that many of them are a lot wiser now than they were when work started this morning, for they have now witnessed the power of technology from the man with no voice! I will update with final figures from our friends at Geosynthetics asap and we are always updating our facebook page-so you know where to look now peeps!



   10th October: 2014…..

The girls, Kym (L) & Sam present our cheque for the Flexi-Vide-Rhinolaryngoscope to Andy Moir.

The girls, Kym (L) & Sam present our cheque for the Flexi-Vide-Rhinolaryngoscope to Andy Moir.

The day we made our inaugural purchase of the Flexi-Video-Rhinolaryngoscope for the Leicester Royal Infirmary ENT Department.

£12,455.55p invested in a piece of equipment that will go a long way to ‘spotting’ throat/neck cancers BEFORE they actually take hold and cause serious problems!

Presented to Andy Moir, the surgeon who saved my life, it was a magical moment as our girls, Kym & Samantha, presented the cheque for this marvellous piece of equipment.


     The cheque was presented at our annual “All You Can Eat” night out at the Chef & Spice restaurant where 75 people turned out and enjoyed a fantastic night. This is now entrenched in our yearly events calendar. It was an absolute delight to see our four surgeons (past & present) on parade and the charity benefitted from a superb article in the local paper (Leicester Mercury).

Tom Alun Jones, Javed Uddin, Myself, Andy Moir & Peter Conboy

Tom Alun Jones, Javed Uddin, Myself, Andy Moir & Peter Conboy

We now look forward to purchasing the next peice of equipment – the Endoscopic Biopsy Grabber – the piece of kit that will snick the tiniest sample of possibly cancerous tissue for sampling/testing.




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