Forthcoming:- 2017 Calendar-Events

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Welcome to our yearly planner

     …where you can keep up to date with the events planned by “20-20 Voice” Cancer Appeal. We aim to host 5 or 6 main events each year with them spaced out as evenly as possible and with as much diversity as we can. Call in here, anytime, to check out event updates:


 (DTBC) – [Dates to be confirmed]



2017 starts here:

January: … DONE

February: …DONE


 Mar 19th:  Done -raised £50.00


     April 3rd: Done – raised £571.00

      April 22nd: Supporters coffee/cake morning  – this is your chance to shine as we ask our supporters around the country to create their own coffee & cake morning in their own area. Don’t forget that we can provide whatever posters you might need to advertise your fundraising morning in your area. Have fun!


     London–>Brighton run

 June 1st: A night with Pike! yes folks we have arranged a night with Ian Lavender at the fabulous Belmont Hotel (Tickets available now)

     9th:Great North Swim (tbc)

July: Ilkeston family Bike Ride (tba)


     Saturday:19th: Rutland Water bike ride


     Sat, 2nd: LCBBS:  (held at the Athena Theatre, Leicester) (20-20 Voice Cancer” will be one of the 5 chosen charities in this years Charity Body Building show our patron, Mr Willie Thorne will be opening the show on our behalf.)

     Sun, 3rd: Knighton Park Funday – another great fundraising day for “20-20 Voice” Cancer-stall already booked!

     Tuesday 26th: Autumn Meal Night at the delightful Chef & Spice (we are aiming at seating 100 diners-are you up for it???)




November: Annual Christmas Quiz …tba


 December: Christmas Pub sweepstakes




Please remember that this page is continually amended to suit up & coming events or details to any particular event.

If you have an idea for any particular event please get in touch with Phil at or Kym Godfrey: