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We have come across a little gem, introduced by Leicester City/County Council, whereby any person NOT feeling SAFE when out and about can simply make their way to a “KEEP SAFE PLACE” venue that have now been set up especially for people feeling vulnerable when out.

Now this is a marvellous idea as we larys have no voices, no means of calling for help, no means of making that emergency phone call to family or friends-we are literally at the mercy of any that would deem to take advantage of our silent situation (and believe me, there are some that would!)

Keep Safe Place Logo This is the badge/emblem/sign to look for in Leicester. Once inside you will find a friendly face, access to a telephone and best of all….. reassurance!
Hit this link and scroll down to espy all the “KEEP SAFE PLACE venues in Leicester City cerntre or indeed any of:

     In other words, just because you haven’t got a voice it doesn’t mean that you are alone. There are people out there waiting to help you should you find yourself ‘stranded’, suffering from a panic attack, feeling overwhelmed by the environment. These centres are a bit like the life jacket thrown to the drowning man/woman. Make use of them, don’t be afraid to ask for help. They will soon understand that you are a lary and will provide pen & paper for you to communicate-most importantly….. YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN anymore!

Keep Safe Place Logo