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Eating/drinking & throat cancers:

     An awful lot of people have problems with eating/drinking whilst going through the chemo/radiotherapy situation and I think it might be wise for you to avail yourselves of this information from Dr Itzhak Brook:-

     The basic principles to avoid weight loss and dehydration while being irradiated for head and neck cancer include:
Eating small frequent meals — six to eight times per day.
Making every bite and sip count by eating calorie-dense foods and add calories to foods.
Limiting foods and beverages low in calories.
Eating a variety of foods — include various colors, textures and flavors. Even though one needs a high calories and high protein diet, a balanced diet with foods from all food groups is essential. It is desirable to continue to include fruits and vegetables in addition to high calorie foods.
Carrying food at all times to eat while whenever possible.
Consuming liquid diet when swallowing becomes difficult. This can be made by using a blender or by ingesting bottles liquid commercial food (i.e., Ensure, Boost )
Consuming cold and/or frozen food (including ice cream) may be easier and can also reduce oral pain
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