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      We don’t decry any organisation that intends to help and/or assist sufferers of this awful disease, but I do find it exceedingly strange that the Human Papilloma Virus has only now been accepted as a leading cause of throat cancers – read on folks!


     In this section you can access information about HPV. HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus and is an extremely common virus which lives in the skin.

     HPV has been recognised as the cause of cervical cancer. HPV is increasingly being acknowledged as a cause of certain cancers which affect the throat – notably Oropharyngeal CancerProfessor Margaret Stanley OBE, one of our clinical advisory team experts, has stated if the current trends of HPV + Oropharyngeal Cancer continues, the number of cases will exceed those of Cervical Cancer by 2020. (Now that conclusively relates to our declaration of increases in throat cancers of 600% in the past decade!)

     There has been a successful vaccination programme for girls in the UK since 2008. This is delivered through the school system and has ensured that there has been an excellent uptake of the vaccine protecting girls from HPV related illnesses. The experts on our clinical advisory team have said that we should expand this vaccination programme to include males. There is more about that here.

As with all of our website this is for information only and should you have any concerns about HPV then you should seek advice from your GP or the nearest G.U.M (Genito-Urinary Medicine) Clinic.