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Some things are truly unbelievable – but they happen. You should take note of this folks in case this happens to YOU.


We’ve just heard about a neck breather who had a very scary experience in an emergency room when she got oxygen to her nose instead of her stoma !!!



It is estimated that at least 20 neck breathers a year in the US suffer brain damage or die because of this inappropriate treatment. A video presentation that explain how to recognize and give oxygen to laryngectommes is available on You Tube at this blog: We encourage all neck breathers to share this presentation with those who may respond to help them (Closest emergency department and Medical Response Team). The wristbands (above) are available from the National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (here) and should be worn by all larys 24-7.

20131106_192431     There are also light blue wristbands available from “20-20 Voice” Cancer Appeal (only £1 each) which are designed purely to raise awareness of a laryngectomees plight. All ambulence, paramedic & medical staff are now instructed to look out for these warning signs upon contact with any patient-a wristband could quite easily save a larys life!

We are always on the look out for things that larys need to be  wary of and also  ways for larys to avoid unnecessary trauma’s, so keep checking in here to see the latest updates.