Acting Secretary-Tina Johnson

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     Greetings everbody and welcome to ‘behind the scenes‘ at “20-20 Voice” Cancer, the organisation that is more bothered about pre-empting disaster than trying to fix it after it has happened.

We are actual laryngectomees, people that have already been through the mill and people that now know the values of early diagnosis, hence our first purchase will be the “Video-Flexi-Rhinolaryngoscope”: to you & me it is a thin bendy camera that can detect tissue abnormalities in places, deep in the throat,  that are usually inaccessible to the human eye-this camera can put a crystal clear, full colour image onto a 30″ TV screen. This is what “20-20 Voice” Cancer are all about-getting ‘in there‘ before the cancer takes a real hold and there is no option but major surgery!

Tina is fully aware of the horrors, thus the needs of laryngectomees and will be extremely busy collating the responses to the Awareness Surveys that are coming in from all directions.