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     Meet Mr Darren Lee


     As a charity we are duty bound to ’employ’ people to be a “Trustee”: perhaps the word ’employ’ is wrongly used here as trustees receive no payment whatsoever, their work is totally voluntary.

I (Chairman) have known Darren, personally, for about 20 years and know in my heart that he is absolutely the right person for this position in this charity. Darren has his own online musical/records business and creates websites for the more discerning customers in the Leicester area.

     If you simply want a ‘quick fix’ website then Darren is NOT the man for you. However, if you want something far more professional and with extra’s like shopping carts, online payment systems to display your business to the world etc, then Darren is your man. You can contact Darren at either: or

And never forget that Darren can source virtually any musical ‘likes’ you may have and has provided such for clients as far away as Greece & Australia!

The Bebop Shop: the online record shop for bebop, hardbop and modern jazz

     Darren brings the business touch to “20-20 Voice” Cancer and also his website skills, which are an absolute must as we try to keep pace with the ever changing face of this world. Utilising his skills, in the near future, we will be opening our very own online shop and relying on Darren to provide us with an up to the minute web experience in the process.