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Hethe Jessop“JJ” (Hethe) lives in Wokingham and agreed to one of  our first representatives. She has done a splendid job so far, holding events at a couple of local pubs and getting our Collection tubs into some of the local businesses


Stephen is overseeing South Stafforshire.Stephen is overseeing South Stafforshire.

Stephen says:
“I am absolutely delighted to accept the position of “20-20 Voice” Cancer  Charity Ambassador for the Woverhampton & Stafforshire area. I truly believe all should have the right to have a voice, and that as adults we all have the responsibility to make sure we do everything in our power to make this happen.” True to his word, Stephen has already got 60+ “20-20 Voice” collection tubs in place for us!


Katherine MoseleyKatherine Moseley has very kindly offered to be our representative for part of Cornwall, down there in the boot of England. Cornwall is a massive area to cover but Katherine will be concentrating on the St Austell/Mevagissey/Portmellon areas on the southern coastline of Cornwall.


Ray Coates We welcome Ray Coates, himself a head & neck cancer sufferer to our growing list of representatives, as Ray has readily agreed to become our Buckinghamshire representative. Ray lives in Aylesbury and featured in his local newspaper  (here) after recording “The Voice Within” with Glyn Devey, of Compass Studios in Elmhurst Road.

Ray says: This is a fantastic charity aimed at those who may well suffer the loss of communication. I was very lucky indeed as my symptoms were sorted out pretrty quickly-thers need that same chance!


We say hello to Stephanie Bannon from Glasgow who has recently attained her position in our exclusive club. Steph has had a fair old fight on her hands but has survived to tell the tale – thank goodness. Steph has found our help rather useful as she has progressed threough the various stages of “lary recovery” and i’m very happy to report that she now wants to set up a “20-20” base in Glasgow – possibly within the Gartnaval Hospital in Glasgow. Her surgeon (Prof McKenzie) has now retired but Stephanie has the full support of the hospital ENT dept as we try to spread the awareness far & wide.