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     Good day to you all and I wish you all health, health & more  healthiness . My name is Phil Johnson and, for my sins, I am Chairman of this ‘good ship“20-20 Voice” Cancer. I was diagnosed with throat cancer back in 2009 and though the care I received was absolutely superb I was greatly aggravated that my specialist team bemoaned the fact that government spending cuts were having a direct affect on the equipment needed, which is vital to our condition.

Phil Johnson-contemplating the next event!   

     My consultant was very concerned that after a year of chemo/radiotherapy I was no further forward than when initially diagnosed, so he decided upon a ’10 minute investigation’ – and that’s when the fun & games began!
Once we knew where we were heading I asked my worried consultant what, most of all, he needed for his ENT Cancer unit and it was then that the immortal words were spoken: “I’ll tell you what Andy, you save my sorry ‘ass’ and I’ll get your thingy-wotsit-thing!” (Thankfully he shared my way of thinking & sense of humour ).
Yes indeed, he and his team did save my “s/a” – at the cost of my voice-box, but hey-hoh I’m now a fluent Dalek as I speak by using an electro-larynx: it certainly commands attentions! A charity was born!     

     Obviously I am still here and the good news is that by setting up “20-20 Voice” Cancer as a charity, we are now very close to purchasing Andy’s ‘thingy-wotsit-thing’, which translated into medical jargon turns into a Flexi-Video-Rhinolaryngoscope – a vital piece of equipment that can detect cancerous abnormalities far sooner that at present and can quite easily nullify the need for the time consuming & expensive investigative surgery that I underwent.

RhinoLaryngoscopeThe flexi-video-rhinolaryngoscope

     Nearly 4 years on from that original promise we are a fully registered charity (Reg No: 1156733), having our best financial year yet, and gathering more and more supporters as we become more widely known. We now have a solid ‘backroom team’ (Trustees) who discuss all matters before decisions are made and we are always thinking ahead (hopefully) with regard to future events.

     We have created something special here that will simply grow & grow, and will continue growing long after I’ve departed this planet, but also we have created something that is vitally important in this country where certain sections of the medical world are vastly underfunded.
We are not only about purchasing bits of equipment ‘here & there’ but also about setting up a support system for  existing larys and all those yet to come – and there will be plenty of them I assure you! With throat cancers (especially) rocketing 600% in the past decade, we have hit on an area that desparately needs a helping hand-and we are only too grateful to help.

      I am proud, and honoured, to lead “20-20 Voice” Cancer as we strive for betterment in a area that is sadly lacking from reductions in government funding.

     As Chairman I welcome you all to “20-20 Voice” Cancer and hope that some day we will all meet up for a drink and a chat

We have had some excellent free advertising thanks to Pete Warzynski of the Leicester Mercury, as they created a couple of cracking articles detailing the work of “20-20 Voice” Cancer: