The Lary’s Handbook

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Handbook for Laryngectomy Patients


     A wonderful peice of literature has been released by NALC (National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs) which guides all prospective ‘larys’ through ‘our programme’. Don’t forget folks, we are unique for the simple fact that although the surgery seems horrific it is a finality, insomuch that, once ‘in there’ our surgeons remove all the cancerous tissue and can also pinpoint any areas that may require follow up radiotherapy. 


     We do indeed wake up to a ‘new being’, a new life awaits us, but the human body is a remarkable thing as it heals itself from the onslaught of surgery and our minds quickly adjust to the fact that we have lost the power of speech (maybe temporarily) so the mind adjusts as well.

All pre-op ‘larys’ need to read this booklet and acclimatise themselves for it is a Godsend to all !

     Chairman’s footnote: Many people tend to think that ignorance is bliss in such circumstances as this (a laryngectomy): I was certainly one of those who felt it best to see what happens when I woke up, but nearly 4 years on I am not so sure I was right! In fact, having looked through this superb publication I am bound to say that any prospective ‘lary’ SHOULD definitely read this handbook, for it gives the patient such an insight into the whole thing-thus it’s invaluable! Fore-warned is fore-armed….. and very much so in this case!